About Us

“Sirin Farm is a family farm dedicated to the principle of sustainable farming.”


Sirin Farm

Sirin Farm is a family farm dedicated to the principle of sustainable farming. Our primary goal is to farm according to the highest ethical and environmental standards while producing healthy organic food for our valued customers to enjoy. Therefore, at Sirin Farm we NEVER EVER use antibiotics, growth hormones or chemical fertilzers whatsoever, and we are absolutely committed to this promise.


Certified Organic

We currently farm Certified Organic Free Range Eggs, Free Range Chickens, Certified Organic Pork, and produce our own branded foods such as sausages, cooked ham, smoked bacon, organic chicken/pork/vegetable stock and many other items. Currently, we supply all major supermarkets in Thailand and many food groups as well as selling directly through our own home delivery platform.

Our Growth

Started free range organic farming and experimenting with different breeds of pigs, broilers and hens based on the concept of sustainability
Our very first customer, The Accidental Butcher, a high end butcher based in central Bangkok
Supplying major supermarkets starting from Central Food Hall, Tops and Villa Market
Awarded Organic Certification from the Thai Agricultural Department for our Free Range Eggs. Completed construction of our on farm butchery and processing factory
Awarded Organic Certification for our pork. The first and only “certified” pork operation in Thailand.
Awarded Organic Certification for our vegetables. Started to supply food groups such as After You, Greyhound Group as well as expanding on our home delivery platform.



Fruits, vegetables, corn and rice turned into animal feed

Chicken and Pig manure collection process

Our homemade fertilizer used on our plantation to farm fruits, vegetables, corn and rice organically

Through the power
of EM manure is turned into organic fertilizer



Effective Microorganisms lies at the heart of sustainable and organic farming. Working with nature and protecting the environment.



Sirin Farm is looking to expand our business through strategic partnerships that share the same vision and can add value to our customers
Develop new products to the market through innovation and listening to feedback from our customers
Expansion to markets abroad through partnerships and distribution deals with potential for long term growth