Thai Boat Noodles Seasoning (250g)

Thai Boat Noodles Seasoning (250g)

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Our Thai Boat Noodles Seasoning powder brings a favourite Thai street food dish into your home kitchen. An aromatic blend of Thai and Chinese medicinal herbs, our seasoning is made without without MSG, preservatives or artificial flavours.

Easy Boat Noodles Recipe
– Add pork or beef bones and water to a stock pot, making sure the bones are completely submerged.
– Add 25 grams of Thai Boat Noodles Seasoning to every 250 ml of water in the pot.
– Let simmer for 45 minutes, skimming the top when appropriate.
– For extra authenticity add ingredients like coriander root, pickled garlic, salt, or dark and light soya sauce to taste.
– When broth is ready, strain and serve with sliced pork or beef and your favourite vegetables or condiments.


Storage Instructions
Store at room temperature for up to 18 months.

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