Isaan Sausage 300 grams

Isaan Sausage 300 grams

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Product information

Sirin Farm Isan Sausages

Sirin Farm Isan Sausages are made from our premium cuts of Sirin Farm Kurobuta, our special hybrid breed. Our Isan Sausages are made with real pork casings and a special blend of Thai spices and seasonings to create an artisanal product not found in your average supermarkets. Perfect for a Thai appetizer or a garden BBQ.

Storing Information
Can be stored in the freezer (-18C or colder) for up to 8 months. When ready to use slowly thaw overnight in refrigerator or defrost in a microwave , then keep stored chilled (0-4 C) until consumed. Advisable to consume within 7 days of thawing.

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